Course Syllabus

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Instructor information


Prof. M. Holland

Lecture Section: 9am

Email: (subject line: Phys 1110)

Office hours: 1pm-2pm Tues and 10am-11am Wed in helproom, (G2B90) and by appt.

Dr. E. Hodby

Dr. E. Hodby

Lecture Sections: 11am and 1pm (and course logistics)

Email: (subject line: Phys 1110)

Office hours: 10am-12pm Tues in helproom, (G2B90) and by appt.

Lecture information

  • MWF: 9am, 11am and 1pm. Time is section dependent (see myCUinfo)
  • Duane G1B30

Tutorial/Recitation information

  • Thursdays. Time is section dependent (see myCU info)
  • Duane G2B60, G2B63, G2B64, G2B66

Required materials

  • "Essential University Physics," Volume 1, 3rd edition, by Wolfson (e-text or optional hardcopy)
  • "Tutorials in Introductory Physics," 2-book set, Custom CU Edition, by McDermott/Shaffer.
  • Access to MasteringPhysics online homework system

All of the above, including an e-text version of the textbook, are sold as a bundle at the CU bookstore. Do not buy the tutorial books online - they are a custom CU edition, only available from the bookstore. The bundle will cover Phys 1120 as well next semester, so no need to repurchase.

  • Access to FlipItPhysics prelecture system

Create an account and purchase access at Course access key: CUPHYS1110SP19

  • An iClicker (registered on myCUinfo)
  • A scientific calculator
  • As an optional supplement, free chapter notes are provided

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